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Student Physics eText + Lab Kit


PHYSICS IN FAITH KIT – CT001 –  $90.00 [Includes Shipping/Handling]

*NOTE:  The Physics experiments use the experimental supplies provided by the General Science Kit (CT004).  If the General Science Kit has not previously been purchased, your student will need it now.

Purchase of this Physics Kit provides two components:  One-year student access to online portal for over 20 physics experiments (teachers have one-year access to answer keys).

Experiments are compatible with all the major Christian and secular curricula.  For more information on the experiments covered go to “Product Description“.

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After purchasing the Physics In Faith Kit, you will be sent a laboratory kit.  The kit includes the following items used in experiments:  blocks; pulleys; spring scale; hooked mass; convex and concave mirrors; laser; wiring; compass; and more.  [The General Science KitCT004 – provides the laboratory glassware and hardware necessary for all the In Faith science laboratory kits.  If the General Science Kit has not previously been purchased, your student will need it now.]

Purchase also includes 12-month access to the online eText of over 20 wet lab experiments!  Experiments include:  Motion in One Dimension; Motion in Two Dimensions; Circular Motion; Newton’s Laws; Exploring Work and Energy; Thermodynamics and Heat; Fluids and Buoyant Density; Harmonic Motion; Speed of Sound; Properties of Light; Diffraction and Refraction; Electrical Charges; Atomic Structure; Radioactive Decay; and many more.

For additional information or for parents/teachers requiring access to the answer keys, email sales@catholictexts.com.

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